Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Online Casual Games Tops TV in Ad Effectiveness

LM Comment: Note the statistic that casual gamers spend an average of 44 minutes per session at multiple play sessions per week.

March 25, 2009: summarized from ADOTAS -- As marketers and advertisers decide on where to spend their money, they might want to check out the casual gaming industry. In some interesting preliminary data, advertising inside casual games prompted a 48 percent increase in brand awareness, with 61 percent increase in brand awareness with multiple game plays. (Recent studies show that television advertising provides a 9.8 percent brand uplift; Radio 8-10 percent uplift; and Banner CTR have declined to less than .20 percent.)

"If you are looking for engagement, efficiencies and high return on investment online video advertising in casual games delivers all three," said Ty Levine, NeoEdge VP of Marketing. "From the pre-survey to the actual Zappos advertising, we saw a 5x increase in unaided brand awareness where a game included a zappos.com ad in pre, mid and post-roll slots, and that's one brand immersion in the game."

Online casual games demographics include 70 percent female, between 25-54, who spend an average of 44 minutes per session and play multiple sessions each week.

Full story at: http://tinyurl.com/cj3w5f

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