Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Marketers Bet on Games to Win Consumers

LM Comment: This one is a must read. The article touts the casino industry as proof of how powerful games can be as a mechanism for engaging and therefore influencing consumers.

June 1, 2009: summarized from AdAge -- "The future of all marketing is games," said Gabe Zichermann, who coined the term "funware" to define the application of game-like qualities to non-games and is author of the upcoming book "WebPlay." "It's a big statement, but I stand behind it.

Marketers who have played around with the concept are finding that it can create loyal consumers, increase sales or user adoption and garner plenty of free media. For marketers, the intrigue in the concept is its measurability. Unlike advergaming, which Jay Krihak, senior partner-gaming innovation at Mediaedge:cia described as a "brand-stickiness play," funware should draw a clear line to sales or user adoption.

A casino operator, for example, knows the yield of a slot machine to a high degree of certainty, said Mr. Zichermann. A marketer placing a static billboard can't be as certain about what that ad will inspire consumers to do. "Where possible, I would, as a marketer, prefer to put a game in front of my users, because I'll get more predictability, more engagement, more time spent," he said. "Games are a powerful mechanism for manipulating user behavior."

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