Tuesday, June 23, 2009

PlayerVantage Adds Internet Power To Casino Database Marketing

LM Comment: Yes this article is a product press release issued by our sponsor GameLogic, but still it is very relevant and worth taking a look at.

June 17, 2009: summarized from Business Wire - GameLogic (www.gamelogic.com) announces the release of PlayerVantage, a turnkey platform for harnessing the power of the Internet to improve a casino's database marketing activities. PlayerVantage combines targeted email communications with an interactive player portal with GameLogic's engaging PlayAway game content, to create a uniquely personalized online experience for casino patrons.

PlayerVantage includes three key components:

1. Personalized communications designed and timed to improve the effectiveness of traditional direct mail. Combining traditional mail with electronic media has proven to result in higher response rates and a correspondingly better ROI. In addition, long-term cost efficiencies are realized as players elect to opt-out of traditional mail and receive communications exclusively online.

2. GameLogic's PlayAway™ suite of online fun, bonus-delivery and tournament games designed to engage players in a daily Internet-based relationship, thereby capturing their email address, and serving as the catalyst for their interaction with all the other aspects of PlayerVantage.

3. The PlayerVantage web portal, providing every member a personal, online "play space", complete with free online games surrounded by personalized marketing calendar, promotions, advertisements and more. The portal is the gateway for each online marketing call to action (email offer, PlayAway games, etc.) and contains all of the information relevant to that patron and his/her relationship with the property, as well as general and targeted messaging.

Read more at: http://tinyurl.com/nja3wj

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