Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Facebook's Mobile User Base Reaches 65 Million

September 4, 2009: summarized from Mobile Internet -- Facebook has revealed that the number of people using the mobile internet to access its sites has more than trebled in the past eight months.

The social networking business launched its first mobile website in 2006 and grew its user base to 20 million by the beginning of 2009.

Its mobile websites have since skyrocketed in popularity, with Facebook's latest figures showing that more than 65 million people now regularly access its sites from mobile devices.

The company has taken plenty of forward-thinking steps to encourage the use of its mobile websites, including launching a version optimised for people using touchscreen smartphones and making its Facebook Connect application available to mobile users.

Its success also suggests that social networking sites could be useful platforms for professionals planning mobile marketing campaigns, as any ads or promotions run on the sites could potentially reach millions of consumers.

Pathe recently used Facebook as part of its mobile marketing campaign to promote the horror film Tormented, by sending SMS and MMS advertisements containing links to a competition page on the social networking site to people in its target audience group.

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