Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Facebook and Casino Marketing

LM Comment: A gaming marketing exec’s viewpoint on new media marketing via Facebook.

April 29, 2009: from PAGCOR -- Gone are the days when casinos were hush-hush places reserved for the most-die-hard gambler. As casinos become all-in-one entertainment complexes, so the marketing thrust has shifted from selling merely to highrollers. The focus now is on a much wider market segment,with offerings that appeal even to families out on a break.

I am reminded of the Blue Ocean Strategy mentioned to me by a fellow manager, where the idea is to create and innovate, not compete. From what I understand, if you become a thought leader in your field, you don’t have to worry about following others, just maybe of others ‘copying’ you.

Blue ocean also implies ‘vastness.’ In the world of blue oceans, there is no limit to the number of contacts, or the level of networking we might be able to make. As every one of us is a marketer, every person we meet is a marketing prospect. They may not directly try our product, but they surely can tell others about it.

This is where the power of social networking comes in, and the phenomenon that is Facebook. These days, everyone we know is on this site, from senators to celebrities and even Bill Gates. Not to be underestimated, Facebook can be an effective tool for casinos to advertise themselves, establish their legitimacy, or simply network. An online game application can even be developed, like the Texas Hold ‘em Poker that is so popular among Facebook users.

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