Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Facebook Bans Online Gambling Ads

LM Comment: Ban is not new, just newly enforced. Relates to advertising of all forms of gambling. Article states that ban does not apply to fan pages.

December 12, 2009: summarized from Onlinecasino.org -- It has recently come to light that the hugely popular social networking site Facebook has decided to restrict certain services from advertising with them. Spy equipment, smoking productions and weapons are already on the list, but now gambling is among the prohibited content.

The social networking site appeals to a wide variety of demographics, and the executives at Facebook want to protect their younger audience. This decision comes shortly after an SEO executive discovered that Bing was providing underage Facebook users with x-rated content. As a preventative measure, Facebook has now decided to block all types of “adult” entertainment from all Facebook users.

Facebook’s rules strictly state that gambling operators are not allowed to advertise their business, including “any online casino, sportsbook, bingo or poker”. Other prohibited services include nudity, illegal drugs and offensive religious content.

While the website has implemented advertising censorship to protect its users, it has excluded a wide variety of online businesses who believe Facebook is a valuable marketing tool. However, Facebook has not completely rejected the online gambling community. Online casino operators can still create groups and fan pages in order to allow their fans to keep up with them. These applications are still very useful marketing tools in the industry, as they are a great source for viral campaigns and word-of-mouth advertising on the internet.

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