Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trends and Challenges in Web Analytics in 2010

March 10, 2010: summarized from Econsultancy -- This post summarises the main challenges and gives tips on approaches the managers present are using to overcome them. The Econsultancy peer summits operate according to “Chatham House rules”, so there is no attribution to companies.

Challenge 1. From reporting to actionable insights
There was much discussion around how best to cope with “Information overload” and “analysis paralysis”. There was a common need to make subsets of information available to marketers who are non-analytics specialists who don’t use the systems regularly.

Practical solutions discussed included creating custom profiles, dashboards and alerts within the analytics system which related specifically to a market or category the marketer was involved with. We identified a 1 in 10 rule, that for every 10 marketers or digital marketers there needs to be one specialist analyst (or part of) to devote time to producing the tailored reports, optimisation projects and education. There needs to be a way to avoid this person being sucked into reporting only. Identifying the right culture for a rolling programme of optimisation of site areas, page types or marketing activities was another common approach.

Education was also seen as key with many trying to build in sharing of insights into the campaign process from making identifying learnings part of the briefing process through to always making some time for discussing learning in post-campaign reviews. Several of the attendees had produced a step-by-step guide to applying the software to their individual business. If you’re using Google Analytics, my guide to customising Google Analytics to your business may be useful.

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